11/03/90 - Irvine, CA @ Crawford Hall

Date: Saturday, November 3rd, 1990
City: Irvine, California, USA
Venue: Crawford Hall on UC Irvine campus
White Kross 
Eric's Trip 
Cinderella's Big Score 
Kill Yr Idols 
Silver Rocket 
Dirty Boots 
The Bedroom 
Catholic Block 
Mary Christ 
Kool Thing 
My Friend Goo 
I Wanna Be Yr Dog 
  • "White Kross" "Eric's Trip" "Cinderella" "Dirty Boots" and "The Bedroom" appear on the "Dirty Boots" EP.
  • The bulk of Mudhoney/Gumball joined SY for the encore, getting particularly involved during "I Wanna Be Your Dog".
  • Appears on the bootlegs "Dirty Boots" & "Shoot!".


    [F#GA gtr skronk + chime loops intro]
    T: "This song is called 'Orange County Shred'."
    - White Kross
    L: "Alright, this is my shot. This is called 'Eric's Trip'. I think."
    - Eric's Trip
    [Lee forgets most of the words]
    T: "This song is called 'Cinderella's Big Score'."
    - Cinderella's Big Score
    - Kill Yr Idols
    T: "Ah this song is called 'Waste the Piggies'."
    - Silver Rocket
    T: "Yeah this is a song for Karen."
    - Tunic
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "What do you do when your mom is a skinhead? You write a song about it. This song is called 'The Bedroom'. This is for [??]"
    - The Bedroom
    - Catholic Block
    T: "This song is called Mary-Christ."
    - Mary-Christ
    - Kool Thing
    [SCOOTER & JINX tape plays thru encore break]
    T: "This is a song called 'Goo'."
    - My Friend Goo
    L: "This one's Steve's from Mudhoney, I'll try not to smash it. Luc! Put this guitar in the monitor!"
    Mark Arm (i think): "We're gonna do 'Gloria'!"
    - I Wanna Be Your Dog


  • Mudhoney
  • Gumball

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