10/29/83 - Schwindkirchen, Germany @ Rockhaus

Early American
The Burning Spear
Confusion is Next
She's in a Bad Mood
Brother James
Kill Yr Idols
Shaking Hell
The World Looks Red
The Good and the Bad
  • There has been some confusion over recordings that circulate as 10/29/83, 11/06/83, and 06/11/83. I know that this show has been torrented as both 10/29/83 and 11/06/83. For now I will leave the set list here and put a note on the 11/06/83 show, but if anybody has any theories either way I'd love to hear them!
  • After "Shaking Hell", Lee says that the band will stop and play a second set, so the show may have gone on longer after "Good and the Bad".


  • unknown...

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