10/28/05 - Valencia, Spain @ Greenspace

I Love You Golden Blue
Pattern Recognition
Unmade Bed
Dude Ranch Nurse
New Hampshire
Kool Thing

Martinete (w/ Enrique Morente)

  • Kaman Nedev writes: "The show was the result of about two years of talks between SY and Morente on a possible collaboration. SY's set, limited to 1 hour, was fast, tight, and rocked like nothing I'd seen them do for at least 5 years or so. The band was compenetrated, loose, and swung like a dream, with songs segueing into each other not unlike the legendary pre-"Daydream Nation" gigs from 1987-88. This was followed by Enrique Morente's live set, and, after a short break, Morente's band launched into "Martinete" (a complex flamenco ode sung, of all things, in Latin), with Thurston, Kim, Lee, Steve and Jim joining him onstage for a circa-13 minute-long piece which kicked off in its traditional flamenco form, only to slowly build up into a creeping crescendo of noise and feedback, with Morente's (still) amazing voice joining into SY's signature guitar-duels like one more instrument, while Steve joined the flamenco percussionists for the poly-rhythmic coda that closed the set and the concert."


  • Enrique Morente

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