10/26/91 - NYC, NY @ The Ritz

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 1991 
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: The Ritz
Dirty Boots 
Brother James 
Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit 
Teenage Riot 
Chapel Hill
Mary Christ 
Kool Thing 
Expressway to Yr Skull 
Sugar Kane 
White Kross 


Dim Star Theme 
All My Witches Come True 
The Night is Coming On 
Rip Off  
  • This was a benefit for WFMU.


    T: "Welcome to the benefit."
    K: "Hi."
    T: "K. Ready Lee? Here we go."
    - Dirty Boots
    K: "Thanks, I just wanna thank you all for coming, even though uuuh.. the Village Voice was a little confused as usual about what it was benefiting. What it was, you know, focusing its energy towards. As usual. But uh, I wanna thank everyone for coming."
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    - Mote
    [piano tape blares]
    T: "This song doesn't have a title."
    - Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
    T: "Are you wearing a [???]. Alright, ready? This is 'Teenage Riot'."
    - Teenage Riot
    T: "Okay, got it? This is called 'Chapel Hill'."
    - Chapel Hill
    T: "Try this one? [laughs] Okay. Here's another one. This is a song about a dog that Kim and I used to have. You guys ready?"
    - Purr
    - Mary-Christ
    - Kool Thing
    T: "This is a song for the Bridge foundation."
    - Expressway
    T: "Seeya. Bye."
    [band leaves and returns, 'ca plane pour moi' tape blares briefly]
    T: "Uh Lee, can I use your slide? Actually it's my slide. [laughs] Uh, this song is called 'Sugar Kane'. [laughs] Steve?"
    - Sugar Kane
    - White Kross
    T: "Peace. Seeya! There's more benefits, uh, coming up this week, I'm not quite sure where, I'm sure somebody could come up here and tell ya, but, all I know is next Friday, Chain Gang is playing. I don't know where they're playing, but you should check them out. Unfortunately I'm not gonna be here. Alright, seeya at Pier Platters. Bye!"


  • John Zorn
  • Love Child
  • Jad Fair
  • Gumball
  • Painkiller


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