10/24/87 - Naugatuck, CT @ The Nightshift Cafe

Catholic Block
White Kross
Tom Violence
Tuff Gnarl
Beauty Lies In The Eye
Expressway To Yr Skull
Jumping Jack Flash jam
Honky Tonk Women jam
Cunt Tease jam
Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

  • A fan-written review of this strange show (which took place in a shopping mall!) was published in Issue #2 of Sonic Death.
  • A tape has surfaced featuring all songs but Catholic Block (which is mentioned in the review, so likely Schizo etc is missing as well). The band do a medley of covers at the end of the show, one of which is unknown.
  • Emmanuel Tremblay's tape review: "this is also a weird performance, one of the last of the tour, with a small but friendly crowd familiar with the band. there is a lot of interaction with the audience, and a lot of requests. it seems like it was some kind of early set. the first two songs sounds like a soundcheck with the band chatting with terry between songs. 'white kross' is a weird slower version that is cut short after the last vocals. 'tuff gnarl' is again a bit fucked up. thurston says he dedicates 'expressway' to 'the checkout lady in the [outlet?] next door' as the band was apparently playing in some kind of mall. after 'p.c.h.' he says they will be back between 3 or 4 for another set. then there's a short and weird encore with the band chatting a lot. they play very short teases of 'jumping jack flash' and 'honky tonk women' and perhaps a few others and then a version of 'mom, i gave the cat some acid' similar to the 09-14-87 show. then thurston introduces the last two songs as some very new songs they just wrote. 'today your love' is the last song of this set although they might have played another set as without the soundcheck, it's only a twenty five minutes show."


  • unknown...


    Big, big thanks to Alan St. Laurent for these awesome, rare Sister-era show photos:

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