10/20/90 - Chicago, IL @ Vic Theater

Date: Saturday, October 20th, 1990
City: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Venue: Vic Theatre
White Cross 
Stereo Sanctity 
Tom Violence 
Dirty Boots 
Catholic Block 
Mary Christ 
Kool Thing 
Silver Rocket 
Cinderella's Big Score 
My Friend Goo 
Eric's Trip 
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    [big noise intro]
    T: "Hello. We'd like to start off with a song called 'White Kross'."
    - White Kross
    T: "Thank you very much. This song is for my mom, it's called 'Stereo Sanctity'."
    - Stereo Sanctity
    L: "This is a new song, it's called 'The Eye-Mote'."
    - Mote
    T: "This song is called 'Flower'."
    - Flower
    T: "Thank you, thank you ladies, gentlemen. I'd like to dedicate this next song to Richard Hell, it's called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Yeah. [??] The pubic hairs are in my teeth. This is a song for Karen."
    - Tunic
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. This song is called 'I Got a Catholic Block'."
    - Catholic Block
    T: "We'd like to play part 2. This song is called 'Mary-Christ.'"
    - Mary-Christ > Kool Thing
    - Silver Rocket
    T: "Yeah, thanks a lot ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for coming to see us play tonight, with Redd Kross! Seeya next time, goodnight."
    [scooter and jinx tape plays over encore]
    T: "This is a new song, it's called 'Cinderella's Big Score'.'"
    - Cinderella's Big Score
    T: "Okay, this next song.. [laughs] .. This next song is a peace song, baby! That's my name, don't wear it out! This next song is called 'My Friend Goo'."
    K: "It's for Steve Albini, I wish he'd given me back my underwear."
    [thurston jams bass riff to unknown song, lee and steve briefly join in]
    T: "This song is called My Friend...Goo!."
    - My Friend Goo
    T: "Yo that's it, thanks a lot man. Okay, we'll play another one. What do you wanna hear? [??] What do you wanna do, uuuhh.. Disappearer? Hey, I forgot the words [laughs]... We're gonna do a song called 'Disappearer' that we only play once in a green moon[?]. Yo, let this chick up, man. Y'alright? This shit never happened at the Cubby Hole. You ready?"
    [TV turns on, flipping channels]
    T: "It's the fucking Honeymooners, man!!"
    - Disappearer
    T: "One more and we're gonna blow! I guess it's kinda early.. but we'll do one more and then we're gonna go [??] and kill some cops and shit. Hey, uh, someone just told me that the Sissy.. what are they called, the Sissies? The Sis.. Sissy-nati Reds won something called the World Series? I don't know anything about that shit myself! I Hate Sports, I Hate Sports! Let's go!"
    - Eric's Trip > noise
    T: "Yeh. Good fucking bye ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. For coming. [??] Good fuckin' bye!!"
    ['yesterday once more' by the carpenters plays out]


  • Redd Kross

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