10/17/90 - Bloomington, IN @ Indiana University

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 1990
City: Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Venue: Indiana, University
Stereo Sanctity 
Tom Violence 
White Kross 
My Friend Goo 


  • Here's what Thomas Burris recalls about this show:

    Also, I saw them at Indiana University campus in Bloomington, IN in November of October of 1990. The best & loosest set I've seen them play. Madonna had a "Rock the Vote" ad that was to debut on MTV during the time Sonic Youth would be on stage. This was evidentally considered an event by the band.

    They had a giant projection TV on Lee's side of the stage. The audience was told to yell at the band and get their attention if it came on while they were in mid-song so they could watch it. Someone in the audience started ranting about how TV sucks, and Thurston told the guy he KNEW he at least watched the Simpsons and to "shut up." Thurston made many comments between the songs about whatever band happened to be on the tube at the time. (Prince got the worst comments of the night, but I don't remember what they were.) People began stage-diving about mid-way through the set, at which time the kampus kops, having never seen a rock band before in their lives, decide to walk onstage and look intimidating. Two stand on either side of Lee, so close he looks like he has a kop head on each shoulder. Lee begins making snide remarks about morons who've never seen kids have fun at a concert and moves around alot, bumping into the bumbling idiots who are crowding the stage as much as he possibly can. Finally, the idiots take hold of Lee's mic and attempt to stop everyone from jumping on and off the stage. It sort-of works because everyone wants the show to continue. Thurston hung around for quite a while after the rest of the band left the stage, grabbing every instrument and mic on the stage and throwing them into a big shrieking pile. I have no idea what the set list was, but I know they played "White Kross" & "My Friend Goo" (w/ the Redd Kross brothers on backing vocals, wearing parkas...) & I'm pretty sure they opened with "Tom Violence".


  • Redd Kross

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