10/13/90 - Montreal, QU @ Les Foufounes Electriques

Date: Saturday, October 13th, 1990
City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Les Foufounes Electriques
Tom Violence
Eric's Trip
Cinderella's Big Score
White Cross
Dirty Boots
Catholic Block
Mary Christ
Kool Thing 
Silver Rocket
My Friend Goo
Stereo Sanctity

  • Set list finally confirmed (by about 600 people once this was torrented), apparently "Disappearer" was NOT played. Many songs had false starts due to tuning problems.
  • Venue changed from the Rising Sun.


    L: "How is everybody?"
    T: "Yo how's it going? Sorry we're so late, we were uuh..over at the Spectrum hanging out with Margo[?] for a little while, we gotta...lost a little track of time. Okay. Bunch of fucking goofs. Is Piggy here? Come on up, dude! Let's trade some licks. Uh, we'd like to dedicate this first song to Richard Hell, he lives, uh, he lives where we live. A little place called Hell on Earth. This song is called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Thank you very much. [??] ..there's not that much room up here."
    L: "This next song is called 'Eric's Trip.' Thurston's gonna spin til he's dizzy. And that's the right move."
    - Eric's Trip
    T: "Thank you, thank you. I'd like to dedicate this next song to Brian Wilson, he's out there in California. It's called 'Cinderella's Big Score'."
    - Cinderella's Big Score
    T: "Yeah thanks. Hey what's up? Stage diver...Hey! 'White Kross' instead! 'White Kross'! Yeah we got a little change of plans here...look you've got the Gremlins thing happening here...I'd like to do a little song about being 14 years old and taking speed and going up to see Kiss in Massachusetts in 1974. They were just little tiny little things that had a little picture of Mary Magdalene on it, it was called White Kross."
    L: "Just a little kick."
    - White Kross
    T: "Alright. Yeah, whistle while you work and all that? This song is called 'Schizophrenia'. It's a song about what to do, you don't know what to do when your kid sister is a skinhead. Typical American family crisis, Steve you wanna start?"
    - Schizophrenia [15 seconds or so]
    T: "I'm a little out of tune, man! I think I'm just a little bit out..."
    L: "That's okay, I'm used to it. Tune up!"
    T: "Just one second. You can watch TV while I..."
    L: "TV, TV! What's on up here? What stations do you have? [tv comes on] Channel Inhuman, Channel Inhuman! Can we have some strobe lights to tune by?"
    T: "Yo what channel, what channel is Twin Peaks on man?"
    L: "Try it now. Channel 4!"
    - [more tv noise while thurston tunes]
    T: "Close enough! Alright I'm ready, are you guys ready, cuz I am!"
    L: "We can't get Twin Peaks but we're taping it out on the bus so you can come out later and watch it."
    T: "I'm ready! I don't know if you guys are ready but I am!"
    L: "Hanging out!"
    - Schizophrenia
    T: "Thank you, thank you, thank you. What? I can't hear you man, I'm deaf. This next song is a song for Karen."
    - Tunic [false start]
    T: "What's wrong homie? [laughs] That was a big intro!"
    L: "Wrong guitar!"
    T: "Big intro for [??] Yeah you know we never said we were professionals, ladies and gentlemen. Water? I just happen to have some in my pocket! It's your lucky day, I can't see you cuz there's light in my eyes. All I see is, all I see is like..."
    L: "Don't drink that, he spit in it!"
    T: "[laughs] I just see, like, Satanic eyes...I can't look into your eyes! [laughs] It's the sadness! I can't look into your eyes...alright! Oh that's good! I'll just put this away for later. Yeah, I'm in tune! I'm in tune with the spheres. Seriously though, this is a song for Karen."
    - Tunic
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Ah thank you. That song was called 'Dirty Boots', that was a little song about the police. Kind of a love/hate kind of thing. So I don't know about you, but we're pretty exciting, uh, after we play I think this place is gonna turn into a swinging disco. So, I'm ready. I'm hyped for that shit. This song..."
    L: "Did you know that ZZ Top were playing tonight?"
    T: "Yeah I did know that. Motherfuckers, man. Who do they think they are? Trying to bum rush my fuckin' trip. [??] Billy Gibbons! This song's called 'I Got a Catholic Block', baby!"
    - Catholic Block
    T: "This song is called 'Mary-Christ.'"
    - Mary-Christ
    - Kool Thing
    K: "Thank you."
    T: "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Yo we'd like to thank Redd Kross for smokin'. We're touring Canada with Redd Kross, man. What do you think of that? K. Little song called 'Silver Rocket'."
    - Silver Rocket
    T: "Alright, thanks a lot ladies and gentlemen! We're gonna split! We'll see you later, see you next time. Goodfuckingbye!"
    [feedback drones while band is off-stage]
    T: "We're gonna do a little song, it's called 'Goo.' [thurston jams on the bass] I really don't know how to play this one very well, so I think..."
    K: "This is Goo, this is for Jeff and Steve MacDonald, wherever you are."
    T: "Ready?"
    - My Friend Goo
    T: "Who the fuck is Margo[?] anyway? She's been playing 15 nights at the Spectrum, it's sold out every night, who is this chick? What? Hey man..."
    - Stereo Sanctity [false start]
    T: "What up?! This is the third time we've stopped!"
    L: "Aren't we doing 'Flower' now?"
    T: "No. Unless you want to..we were gonna do 'Stereo' and then 'Mote'. Man, what the fuck! Let me see your set list!"
    L: "It's the right guitar, just the wrong screwdriver."
    T: "Yeah..uh././.anyway, at any rate, this song is called 'Stereo Sanctity'."
    - Stereo Sanctity
    - Mote


  • Redd Kross


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