10/07/01 - NYC, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

Date: Sunday, October 7th, 2001 
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: Bowery Ballroom
Sympathy for the Strawberry 
Disconnection Notice 
Rain on Tin 
Karen Revisited 
The Empty Page 
NYC Ghosts & Flowers 
White Kross 
Drunken Butterfly 
Brother James 
Burning Spear 

  • A WTC benefit event scheduled virtually a week in advance (after the postponement of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival). 5 new songs were debuted. This show is available to download (on video!) from sonicyouth.com.
  • Of the 5 new compositions, Thurston sang on 3: Disconnection Notice, Celtic Frost, and The Empty Page. The rest were instrumental.
  • At this performance, "Strawberry" was known as "Magick Chord", "Rain on Tin" was known as "Celtic Frost", and "Karen Revisited" was known as "Dirge".


  • Tom Verlaine
  • Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano
  • Eileen Myles/Kim Gordon/Jim O'Rourke/DJ Olive
  • Cat Power
  • DJ Olive

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