09/24/99 - Austin, TX @ Ceremony Hall

Date: Friday, September 24th, 1999 City: Austin, Texas, USA Venue: Ceremony Hall


hey folks.. i swiped this from the SY newsgroup and neglected to write down the name of the poster.. write me if you want credit. -- CL.

wow.. just got back from the show.  amazing!  exhausting!  TOTALLY
experimental set of about 85-90 min.
show was in a small church hall...  sound was really clean...  about 200
or so freaks in attendance...
t. sat on his amp the entire show, forcing, coercing, and creating the
most amazing sounds i have ever come out of a guitar.  parts of it were
really hard to listen to.. (loud, repetitive car alarm-sounding banshee
wails.) other parts were mellower, almost sonic youth-sounding riffs..
jim o'rourke was making some really freaky sounds as well from his
laptop(!?).  ikue mori was, as far as i could tell (couldn't see that
well), getting these freaky percussion sounds from  some sort of
electronic gadgetry.
this show was unlike anything i have ever seen... pretty damn cool to
see this stuff in austin...

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