09/07/90 - Liverpool, England @ Royal Court

Date: Friday, September 7th, 1990
City: Liverpool, England
Venue: Royal Court
Stereo Sanctity 
Kill Yr Idols 
Dirty Boots
Catholic Block 
Mary Christ 
Kool Thing 
Cinderella's Big Score 
Tom Violence 
White Kross 
My Friend Goo 
Titanium Expose 

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    T: "Hi." [Someone is shouting 'Ticket to Ride'] "A ticket to fly, you wanna hear [???]" [Steve plays the beat for SY's version of 'Ticket to Ride'] "I got your ticket right here. Okay, you ready lads? This song is called 'Stereo Sanctity'."
    - Stereo Sanctity [w/ false start]
    T: "Alright, thanks, this is a new song called 'Mote'."
    - Mote > Flower
    T: "We're on our way to London. Fuckin' shithole of the universe, baby! It's time to annihilate the trenchmouth!"
    - Kill Yr Idols
    T: [starts playing a tape, not sure what song? "white light til the sun goes down, then you get out a drug and you pass it around"?] "This is our Manchester. This is a song for Karen."
    - Tunic
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Thank you! Thanks, ladies...and gentlemen. I'm a homo-sapien. Walkin' around Liverpool, went to Uncle John's shopping mall today, pretty hot place! Pretty happenin'"
    L: "St John, man."
    T: "St J--[laughs] .. Uncle John, St Johns shopping mall."
    L: "We know who it's named after. I'm gonna start this, this is called 'Catholic Block'."
    - Catholic Block
    T: "This song is called 'Mary-Christ.'"
    - Mary-Christ > Kool Thing
    T: "Simon Reynolds has a tattoo of the queen on his behind. Dressed up in transvestite gear. This song is called 'Cinderella's Big Score'."
    - Cinderella's Big Score
    T: "A song for Tom Verlaine, called 'Richard Hell'."
    - Tom Violence
    - White Kross > noise
    T: "Thank you, see you next time!"
    ['scooter & jinx' tape while band is off-stage]
    T: "Hey this next song is for Pat Naylor cuz she rules." [jams bass riff] "For you, baby! To all you Mississippi queens.."
    - My Friend Goo
    T: "Oh thank you, thank you very much, ladies...gentlemen. Who's man enough to do 'Titanium'? What do you wanna do, you wanna do 'Titanium' or 'Rocket'? We can either do a real new slick one, or a real old sick one. Huh? 'Rocket'! Let's do the old one, cuz I know more words. No let's do it. Let's do this one. Kind of in a mellow mood tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to end the evening's proceedings with a little song about love and a pillow and a blanket, and the metal called 'Titanium Expose'."
    - Titanium Expose
    T: "Thanks."


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