08/28/02 - San Francisco, CA @ Amoeba Records

Date: Wednesday, August 28th, 2002 
City: San Francisco, California, USA
Venue: Amoeba Records (3pm)
The Empty Page 
Rain on Tin 
Plastic Sun 
Disconnection Notice 
  • "Shadow of a Doubt" was on preliminary set list as an "encore", but not played. SY followed the performance w/ a signing.
  • Here's some pictures I took that I don't feel like making thumbnails for:



    T: "So who's here? Should I pass the mic? Everybody state your name and age. Do we have a set list? Is Kim here? Well, uh, my name is Thurston, that's Lee, and Jim, and Steve. This is Kim. I'm gonna take my watch off."
    L: "Okay. I'll do the same, if you are. That way we'll be free of time."
    T: "Yeah, it's a human construct we'd rather not subscribe to. But for the sake of responsibility...we adhere to certain agreements. I have to, I uh...sliced open my, uh, my index finger last night, so I'm a little compromised, I'm gonna play with...this finger...what's it called? The dutch finger? Steve is getting saucy...Is my amp too loud, Kim, behind you?"
    - The Empty Page [w/ noise intro]
    - Rain on Tin [w/ noise intro]
    T: "Thanks! Thank you very much. Okay, I was told there was a Don Cherry record on the wall here, for $200. And I was very curious, what could that be? Which one is it? Someone here has the knowledge. The young man with the brushcut and the white T-shirt. This is for the kid on the shoulders."
    K: "This is called 'Plastic Sun'."
    - Plastic Sun
    K: "Thank you!"
    L: "Yeah, that's right...this is the first place Jim ever played with us! That was that start of the long..."
    T: "YEAH!!!!! Sorry [laughs] sorry...I get excited! [laughter] Information...OK! This is for all the CDs out there that are under the price of the $13.99."
    J: "And over a hundred."
    T: "And over a hundred! Actually, the only really good CDs are those that are priced like $10.99, and those that are priced like $300 and up. On that note, this song is entitled 'Disconnection Notice'."
    - Disconnection Notice
    L: "Hey thanks a lot for coming, everybody, we're gonna do one more song, also from the new record, this is called 'Karenology'."
    - Karenology
    T: "Thanks everybody, for spending the afternoon with us here. We're playing tonight with Quixotic and Erase Errata down at the Fillmore if you feel so inclined to come on by, but thank you for sharing this today with us, it was our pleasure, thanks!"


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