08/27/91 - Bremen, Germany @ Aladin

Date: Tuesday, August 27th, 1991 
City: Bremen, Germany
Venue: Aladin
White Kross
Brother James
Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
Dirty Boots
Chapel Hill
I Love Her All The Time
Mary Christ
Kool Thing
Teenage Riot
Sugar Kane
  • This is (finally) the correct set list. Though if you check the newly added set list scan (thanks Lars!) you'll see there was a scheduled 2nd encore of 'Silver Rocket' and 'Inhuman' which I don't think was played. Also, 'Orange Rolls' was known as 'Hyper II' on this tour, presumably a reference to 'Hyperstation'.
  • This show was released via Sonic Death on picture disc 12" vinyl as "Live in Bremen". It does not contain the entire show, and has the following set list labelled: Chapel Hill / Mary Christ / Kool Thing / Teenage Riot / Expressway /// Brother James / Mote / Disappearer / Dirty Boots .... The sides are reversed, so if you begin at Brother James and end at Expressway, you have Tunic mislabeled as Disappearer, and are missing Orange Rolls and I Love Her All The Time, Schizo/White X, and Sugar K.
  • It's possible that the excerpt from "Expressway" shown halfway through "1991: The Year Punk Broke" was taken from this show..
  • Appears on the "Mira Tapes" bootleg.
  • The beautiful full soundboard recording of this show is now circulating, though it appears it might be missing "Orange Rolls" (the giant cut between "Brother James" and "Mote" is a clue). If you have this source with "Orange Rolls" intact, please contact me. Otherwise, the "Mira Tapes" is the only place to find "Orange Rolls" from this show, which causes further frustration as, like "Live in Bremen", "The Mira Tapes" is also an incomplete version of the show, but contains songs that are not on "Bremen". It is unfortunately missing "Schizophrenia" "White Kross" and "Brother James" entirely, and rather than the "Teenage Riot"/"Sugar Kane" encore, those crafty bootleggers fashioned their own encore out of "Orange Rolls", which should appear before "Mote", the first song on this bootleg (but the fifth song on the actual show). On the bootleg's back cover, the song is listed as "Spot'ssz Christ", which is roughly how Thurston introduced the song that night (most nights he'd simply say "This song is called.." and then make a stupid noise with his mouth). Also, "The Mira Tapes" contains some additional stage chatter before 'Mote' that is excised along with 'Orange Rolls' on the circulating full-length recording of this show.
  • The audio for "Schizophrenia" and the interstitial bit of "Expressway" coda on "1991: The Year Punk Broke" was taken from this show (though not necessarily the visual). "White Kross", "Chapel Hill", and the snippet from "Tunic" in "(This Is Known As) The Blues Scale" are also from this show.


    T: "Alright, this song is called 'Sister'."
    - Schizophrenia
    T: "'White Kross'!"
    - White Kross
    [amp tapes blare various genres of sound + "Dizzy" by Tommy Roe]
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    T: "Alright, ready? This is a new song, it's called uh.. 'Spud's Christ'[?]"
    - Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
    T: "You guys thirsty? Some water? I'll see what we can do. Is there any water we can pass out? It's not much! Whoa! To the man in the Pixies shirt! This song is called 'Eye-Mote'."
    - Mote
    T: "Thanks. We're gonna do a 'Song for Karen'."
    - Tunic
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Alright, this song is about Chapel Hill, North Carolina, it's a little town down south near Alabama, I'm sure all the Alabama kids know all about this bird becuz it's fuckin hoppin'! And it goes like this!"
    - Chapel Hill
    [tapes of beats and shit]
    - I Love Her All The Time
    L: "You dancin' a jig or what? You dancin' a jig?"
    T: "This song's called 'Mary-Christ', ladies and boys."
    - Mary-Christ
    - Kool Thing
    K: "Thanks."
    T: "Aw yeah... Welcome to the festival, ladies and gentlemen. We'd like to end it with the end."
    L: "We'd like to end it."
    T: "*laughs* I'm gonna kill myself on stage tonight!"
    L: "Markey!"
    T: "Yes, that's my name, don't wear it out. Hey, that's a hot Morrissey shirt. What do you want, dude? *laughs*"
    L: "What do you want?"
    T: "I'll tell you whatever you wanna fucking know! No that's not mine, that's not mine bro.. the only way to get it is to steal it, and I don't recommend that. Don't ask me why. This song is for, uh, Patti Smith, and Bitch, this is called 'Expressway'."
    - Expressway
    [encore break]
    T: "Well thanks, kids. I'd like to thank [?] and [?] for putting the show on tonight. Fuckin' job well done, motherfuckers! How's this place sound, is it kind of uh.. kind of hollow? There's nothing under the stage. Ah, I'm not gonna argue with you. Whoa! Whoa! C'mon. You guys, uh.. where you goin', where you goin' bro? Heyo! Yeah, this is called 'Teenage Riot'. You got the bass plugged in there? You got the drums plugged in there? A ha, a ha, ha .. ha."
    - Teenage Riot
    T: "I'd like to send this song, this last song, out to Marilyn. This is called 'Sugar Kane'. Click it!"
    - Sugar Kane


  • Nirvana
  • Dinosaur Jr


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