08/16/00 - Memphis, TN @ Last Place on Earth

Date: Wednesday, August 16th, 2000
City: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Venue: The Last Place on Earth -- PERSPECTIVE MUSICALES
1. T,S,J,L - Psychic Hearts 
2. T - Two 12 string songs [empty page + disconnection notice]
3. J, Eddie, S,L - Filmmusic 3- w LR reading--to Leah Singer films 
4. J solo - 2 songs-to Leah Singer films 
5. K, J,S - "Summer Song 3"-to Leah Singer films 
6. EV,J,S - 'parting ways' 
7. Sonic Youth

Tom Violence 
Bull in the Heather 
Free City Rhymes 
Small Flowers Crack Concrete 
Kool Thing 
NYC Ghosts & Flowers 
Lightnin' (w/ Eddie Vedder on guitar) 

  • The 3rd and final (?) SYR Musical Perspectives event.
  • Eddie Vedder is from Pearl Jam.
  • 100% was not on the original set list.
  • Emmanuel Tremblay's tape replay: "thurston starts the show by introducing everyone and explaining the setlist of the night. after three songs, there's a short break and eddie on guitar, jim on guitar play a minimal improvisation for a couple of minutes. then lee read some poetry (including some lyrics from skip tracer) on the improvisation. jim play a short four song medley on acoustic guitar, 'no sport' is only the first part of the song. he also a rocking version of 'halfway to a threeway' with steve on drums, similarly to some stuff on 'insignificance'. kim sings a five minutes song with jim/steve and then they back eddie vedder playing 'parting ways'. after a short break, the band is back for a full 75 min. set with two encores. the performance is pretty good and standard for 2000, thurston seems very pleased with the crowd and into it. at the end, he suggests that everybody gets nude and go swim in the mississippi."


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