08/07/90 - New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place

Date: Tuesday, August 7th, 1990
City: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Venue: Toad's Place
Catholic Block 
Mary Christ 
Kool Thing 
Dirty Boots 
Titanium Expose 
The Wonder 
Tom Violence 
Cinderella's Big Score 
White Kross 
My Friend Goo 
Burning Spear 
  • Emmanuel Tremblay's tape replay: " this is very exceptional sonic youth show. for the first few minutes, thurston claims that the show is too early and he wants to wait his brother. of course, the crowd screams 'fuck your brother...' and thurston starts the show as if he was really angry. for the entire concert he will ask for his brother. the first few songs are not very good and the band claim that they can't hear anything on stage. they talk a lot thru all the show and at some point, there are bouncers and fans on stage. when they are back on stage for the encore they play a few jams in front of a wild crowd for about 10 minutes, steve is apparently missing but he is back for a short punk song. after 'burning spear', thurston stays on stage to scream obscenity. the 'scooter and jinx' tape is played for the first time."


  • unknown...

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