08/02/86 - Boston, MA @ Rat

Tom Violence 
White Cross 
Shadow of a Doubt 
Death to our friends 
I love her all the time 
Secret Girl 
Green Light 
Brother James 
Expressway to yr Skull 
World Looks Red 
  • None.


    S?: "1 2 3 4"
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Thanks, this song is called 'White Kross'. 1 2 3 4!"
    - White Kross
    [walkman plays 'You Belong to the City' by Glenn Frey]
    - Shadow of a Doubt
    T: "This song is called 'Starpower'."
    - Starpower
    T: "This song here--where'd you go?? Oh... This song is called 'Death to our Friends'!"
    - Death to our Friends
    - I Love Her All The Time
    ['secret girl' tape starts then > radio or another tape > secret girl]
    - Secret Girl
    T: "Lee! Some kid put my guitar out of tune. *laughs* Second! Top! This song is called 'Green Light'."
    - Green Light
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    T: "--rockers. Actually, this song is for Choke[?] and this is called 'Expressway'. Ready?"
    - Expressway to yr Skull
    [recording cuts towards end of noise, cuts back into 'world looks red']
    - World Looks Red


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