07/31/02 - Austin, TX @ Waterloo Records

Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2002 
City: Austin, Texas, USA
Venue: Waterloo Records
Pelvic noise-K&T 
Electric moonpie-SY 
Rush interruptus-JT&L 
New jack shuffle-SY 
accompanied by: Racket-L (30 min)

followed by: 

Tuning-T solo 
Empty Page-T solo 
Disconnection Notice-T solo 

  • The first of four US Murray Street tour in-stores. Here's Lee's write-up:

    Austin 073102
    First gig of usa tour
    Waterloo records instore

    Hi from austin---we went back to that 'Ruby's bbQ' place that you were at/and over the bridge where the bats live, do you remember? Anyway we did a wacky instore today---art performance---I hit tennis balls down one aisle of the store at an elec gtr on the other side w the amp up full blast. I didn't hit it many times, but it sounded good when I did. Albums n shit fell off the walls as the balls ricochet'd around the store. Meanwhile 5 performances of 5 minutes each took place. Everything revolved around the generation of sound: Thurston and Kim hugged w elec gtrs on full blast//steve on thurston's shoulders held his gtr (up full) while we threw 'moonpies' (in the wrappers) at him---he was 'bunting' them into the crowd w electric sound. Vanilla and chocolate moonpies///We each played the gtr jack in turn---Thurston first and with his 'tit'///jim did a rush song kareoke whilst T and I interrupted w gtr noise/records were taped to all our hands---mits made out of old albums----in this manner did Kim and I play gtrs while TS&J 'clapped' out percussions, concussions, reductions. Finally, after lengthy tune up and more electric racket serves... thurston did emtpy page and disconnection notice solo. store was full of people; I think everyone had fun.


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