07/22/86 - Buffalo, NY @ Polish Cadets Hall

Date: Tuesday, July 22nd, 1986
City: Buffalo, New York, USA
Venue: Polish Cadets Hall
details unknown...
  • Lee joined Dinosaur on vocals for Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer".
  • Mike Huber writes: I was in the opening band, Pokalon for the show at Polish Cadets Hall. I was the singer and the bass player was Sean, aka Grasshopper. A few months later we joined with Jonathan Donahue, Suzanne Thorpe and Dave Baker to form Shady Crady aka Mercury Rev. The most memorable part of the show was that a polka dance was happening upstairs simultaneously so the two audiences entered together. The elderly couples, the woman always in a fancy polka dress were directed upstairs, the kids, mostly wearing black were sent downstairs. It was Pokalon's last show. We weren't too happy with our performance, but a year later Thurston asked why Pokalon wasn't opening for Sonic Youth.
  • See poster below: same date as this gig but different venue, "Wonderbar". Mike confirms the show was at the Polish Cadets Hall, perhaps it was moved there from Wonderbar? Does anyone know if Wonderbar was in Buffalo?


  • Dinosaur
  • Pokalon


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