07/10/02 - Hamburg, Germany @ Große Freiheit 36

Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2002 
City: Hamburg, Germany
Venue: Große Freiheit 36
Bull in the Heather 
The Empty Page 
Plastic Sun 
Rain on Tin 
Eric's Trip 
Shadow of a Doubt 
Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style 
Sympathy for the Strawberry 
Drunken Butterfly 
Disconnection Notice 
Making the Nature Scene 
Kool Thing 
Kool Thing (Merzbow) 
  • set list thanks to ev0l! set list scan thanks to Lars Hennig!
  • Lee explains "Kool Thing (Merzbow)":

    the second version---cm'on did noone at the gig notice:?---devolved into white noise just before the 'rap' section was to begin. gtrs were immediately leaned on amps and band left stage to huge pulsing din, which remained for 20 minutes or so, while audience screamed, then was confused---loud insane roar going while crew stalked stage tearing down mikes, etc til only the amp sound remained---big droning huzz--audience hooting screams still/blending in w bass loops. wow. incredible. using the 'head' of the song as a l;aunching pad into something completely OTHER. was one of my proudest moments in the band. ---LR


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