07/08/98 - Paris, France @ Olympia

Date: Wednesday, July 8th, 1998
City: Paris, France
Venue: Olympia
Female Mechanic Now on Duty 
Karen Koltrane 
The Ineffable Me 
Hits of Sunshine 
French Tickler 
Wildflower Soul 
Heather Angel 
Shadow of a Doubt 
Death Valley '69 

  • Rafael Lopez writes: I thought I would add an anecdote about this show, which was incidentally my first SY gig ever. First, to understand it, we need to remember that on that day, France was playing its semi-final in the 1998 Soccer Worldcup against Croatia. Three times during the concert, Thurston announced the current score of the match, that I guess some staff were watching behind the scenes, so he announced the 0-0, then 0-1, then 1-1. He in particlar did the 0-0 using his hands (finger and pointer touching, making a circle) as glasses. When the concert ended, so did the match, and all the SY fans who got out got caught in the human wave rushing towards the Champs-Elysees.


  • Michel Doneda/Jean-Marc Montera/Erik M. trio

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