07/08/93 - Florence, Italy @ ?

Date: Thursday, July 8th, 1993
City: Florence, Italy
Venue: ?
details unknown...
  • Date taken from early tour itinerary, might not have been played.
  • Vittorio Canovai writes: I've seen several times the SY in Italy , expecially when they've been in my region ( tuscany ) . I well remember that they've never played in florence in that period but they played in Prato ( wich is just attached to florence 4/5 km ... ) at the Contemporary Museum of Art "Pecci" . I don't remember the list of the songs but I'm quite sure they didn't play famous songs or songs from last Lp's . It was more like a improvisation gigg with Lee using a big machine behind him making big BOOOOOMS like bombs . They really shocked the audience but me and my friends went crazy for that , it was fantastic ..... that evening they really understood the place and gaved us such a perform of Contemporary Musical art at 90 . The opening act was Blonde Redhead.


  • unknown...

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