07/05/85 - NYC, NY @ Peppermint Lounge

Kat N Hat
World Looks Red
Secret Girl
Death Valley '69
Making the Nature Scene
Satan is Boring [jam]

  • Lydia Lunch supposedly joined the band at this show, presumably on "Death Valley '69", but I sure don't hear her on the recording (and neither does Emmanuel below).
  • Also the earliest known appearance of "Kat N Hat" (see 8/11/85 for more info). This version appeared on a Bang Zoom cassette zine compilation w/ an interview.
  • According to Psychic Confusion, Bob Bert actually sat in for a few songs at this show...?
  • I'd previously listed "She's in a Bad Mood" as the final song, but Emmanuel Tremblay's tape replay has cleared things up (somewhat): "this is another somewhat weird summer show, the third known set with steve shelley on drums. there are no breaks except before 'expressway'. this is a pretty good performance, it sounds like they had some good warm-ups with steve on the previous months. the show start with thurston saying that lee is at the bathroom and they are gonna start when his bath is done. the show starts with a minimal and instrumental jam version of 'blues blur'. the 'loud' sections are much less noisier than the 08-85 versions. then the show gets louder and noisier, this is one of the most noisy and harsh performance of the band in 85. 'secret girl' is a short version with a lot of distortion from the music tape. thurston introduces 'expressway' as 'this is a song from the new album e.v.o.l. we just recorded today and it is called expressway to yr. skull'. the version is already much better than the 06-12 performance but still noisy. the outro is long and segues into a jam very similar to the 06-12 show, although it's shorter and this time thurston sings the full lyrics to 'green light' for about three minutes, then he sings unknown lyrics for a couple more minutes. the backgroud music is rather light and nothing sounds much like 'satan is boring' except the tape loops. 'lydia lunch' is said to have performed with sonic youth but i can't hear her anywhere."


  • unknown...

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