07/04/87 - Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival

Date: Saturday, July 4th, 1987
City: Roskilde, Denmark
Venue: Roskilde Festival
White Kross 
Tom Violence 
Catholic Block 
Tuff Gnarl 
Cotton Crown 
Stereo Sanctity 
Beauty Lies in the Eye 
Expressway to Yr Skull 

[pch/hotwire missing?]
  • Emmanuel Tremblay's tape replay: "this is a good outdoor audience capture with a few generations. the sound is rough and noisy but clear. the original recording is 45 min. so 'p.c.h.' and 'hot wire my heart' are probably missing. this is certainly one of the biggest crowd in the '80s for a sonic youth show. the crowd is noisy and cheers a lot. some host do a rock star intro for the band. the band is more intense than usual and is talkative. before 'white kross', lee says 'oh, the monitor man, we need electricity', thurston then screams 'we want electricity'. for this part of the tour, expressway is called 'crusing down the highway with a cock in your pocket'. "


  • unknown...


  • Audience analog cassette source exists.

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