06/29/87 - Bielefeld, Germany @ PC 69

Date: Monday, June 29th, 1987
City: Bielefeld, Germany
Venue: PC 69
White Kross 
Tom Violence 
Catholic Block 
Tuff Gnarl 
Cotton Crown 
Stereo Sanctity 
Beauty Lies in the Eye 
Hotwire My Heart 
  • From Lee's Jrnls80s:

    what a weird and splendid show tonight in spite of everything. my amp blew both speakers half way thru and i ended up using a big marshal stack of gore's, which was weird, but it was a really good, concentrated set. the sound was good and we hit some cool passages. lately the music has been really opening up, it's really music again, after a week of doldrums which followed the first wave of getting good at playing the songs, now we're playing the set, whole. it's such a great rush when onstage and everything is all heading right down the pipe and hitting some sort of collective bullseye. tonight was full of starts and stops, but the people stayed with it. at point a stretched out ending got real quiet for awhile before it was over; after were stopped playing there was absolute silence in the hall, with at least a couple of hundred people standing there just staring, not talking a word for over a minute. it was great.


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