06/25/87 - Munich, Germany @ Theatre Fabrik

Date: Thursday, June 25th, 1987
City: Munich, Germany
Venue: Theatre Fabrik
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  • From Lee's "Jrnls80s":

    ...we arrived at the venue to find the van already there, it having pulled up shortly before us somehow, and all these germans screaming because we were late. so late in fact that the Lounge Lizards were going to play without us at all on the bill (and what a stupid bill to begin with, but that's another story).

    the promoter, a german egoist asshole named roger, wouldn't let us play, even though the equipment was inside and we had agreed to forego soundcheck. we had worked with roger before on past tours and somehow something had always gone awry. the last time we played for him we were many hours late, and now he was ready to even the score.

    a long winded fight ensued as only the germans know how to stage. we ended up in front of the crowd, thurston and me on top of the van playing "master-dik" out of the blaster, him blowing his police whistle and me announcing the whole fiasco to the crowd waiting to get in, just to keep the record straight and cause some ruckus. we played some rap tapes and sold tee shirts and posters in the parking lot, talking to some disappointed people who'd actually come to see us.

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