06/24/88 - NYC, NY @ CBGB's

Date: Friday, June 24th, 1988
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: CBGB's
The Wonder 
Rain King 
Teen Age Riot 
'Cross the Breeze 
Hey Joni 
Eliminator Jr. 
Silver Rocket 
  • As with all June '88 shows, the songs featured radically different lyrics and even vocal styles. Very sloppy, jammy show with rough takes of most songs. Fun!


    - The Wonder
    - Hyperstation
    - Rain King [really different!]
    - Teenage Riot
    K: "Could you turn the fluorescent light off?"
    L: "Please!"
    - 'Cross the Breeze [Thurston vocals]
    T: "This song is called 'Hey! ...Joni.'"
    - Hey Joni
    [walkman plays mike watt answering machine tape from 'PROVIDENCE' (no piano) -> another message from somebody else?]
    T: [after very long Candle jam intro] "Are you quite ready? *laughs* Steve, can you count it cuz I can't.. I can't count."
    - Candle
    T: [after long jammy intro] "Are you in tune? Kim says this song is called 'Kissability'."
    - Kissability
    T: "Lee? What are you doing?" [tape cuts]
    - Eliminator Jr [Kim sings the 'poor boy' lyrics over the ZZ top riff instead]
    T: "Sweat..pit."
    - Silver Rocket
    T: "Guitar is broken. Thanks a lot for coming to see us play! Um.. seeya!"


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