06/18/87 - Geneva, Switzerland @ Radio Show

Date: Friday, June 18th, 1987
City: Geneva, Switzerland
Venue: Radio Show
"Under the Influence of the Jesus and Mary Chain" 
"Introducing the Stars" 
"Ticket to Ride" => "Master Dik" 
Cotton Crown 
Stereo Sanctity
  • Titles in quotations as featured on the Master Dik EP.
  • Thurston asks if they want to do 'Pipeline' after the freestyle 'Master-Dik'.
  • The web-only "Mix Tape #7" contains 'Kotton Krown' from this session, and you can hear the band going immediately into 'Stereo Sanctity' afterwards.
  • The band was also interviewed.
  • Excerpt from Kim's 87 tour diaries:

    Anyway, we get to the radio station in Geneva very late, but they still want us to play, which is unfortunate. Carlos is disappointed in our attitude. We started complaining about having to do the show when we found out we weren't getting paid. And it's the same old story about how we'll end up with a high quality recording, but we already know it's gonna be lame because it's a dead room and we'll be playing in front of five swiss people bobbing their heads and smiling politely.

    So of course, they have a great spread of pate, cheeses, and smoked ham. We feel like slobs surrounded by this plush equipment and stark beige environment, quiet as a bomb shelter. From the first note it's a disaster. Thurston starts whispering obscenities over the intro to "Cotton Crown" We feel like jerks, so pretty soon Thurston is swearing new lyrics to all the songs, and one stops us. (Some of this session did end up on the B side to Master=Dik)


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