06/13/86 - NYC, NY @ CBGB's

Marilyn Moore 
World Looks Red (instrumental) 
Shadow of a Doubt 
Death to Our Friends 
Tom Violence 
White Kross 
Secret Girl 
Green Light 
Brother James 
  • Thurston's tour diary lists this show as having happened on the 17th, but Greg Fasolino writes: The show you have listed as 6-17-1986 at CBGB actually DID take place on June 13, 1986. Thurston's diary is in error! I write down every show I've attended (since the 1970s) and have this one confirmed in my 1986 planner diary. I believe Gone may have played *after* Sonic Youth, but they were not the openers. I attended the show and saw two bands open for SY, the first being Big Stick, the second being Dinosaur (before they changed the name to Dinosaur Jr).
  • Openers may have been Dinosaur, Cafe Scum, and Phantom Tollbooth per pre-show news blurb?


  • Gone
  • Big Stick
  • Dinosaur


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