06/12/87 - Gent, Belgium @ Vooruit

Date: Friday, June 12th, 1987
City: Gent, Belgium
Venue: Vooruit
Catholic Block 
Tuff Gnarl 
Cotton Crown 
Stereo Sanctity 
Beauty Lies in the Eye 
Tom Violence 
White Cross 
Hotwire my heart 
World Looks Red 
The Red and the Black 
  • Joined by members of fIREHOSE on "The Red and the Black".
  • Emmanuel Tremblay's cassette replay: " this is one of the best show from 1987. the contact is very good with the large crowd from the first minute on stage. this is a 'loud' performance with a lot of big tunings between songs. there is some good intensity. they jam a bit on 'shadow of a doubt' before 'tuff gnarl' and on 'the good and the bad' before 'beauty lies'. lee says it's the last show with the firehose. thurston says before the first encore 'oh, mike watt is in the room!'. they play the long version of 'white kross' with the 'broken eye' ending. they are a lot of bell samples like 'webminster chimes'. unlike the released version of 'broken eye', they end with a two-three minutes jam of kim and steve. firehose join the band for the second encore. lee says it's the first version of the song since a while. mike watt talks a lot before this one and the crowd is hysteric. they play master=dik thru the speakers before the second encore."




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