06/11/83 - Lausanne, Switzerland @ Grande Salle d'Entrebois

Date: Saturday, June 11th, 1983
City: Lausanne, Switzerland
Venue: Grande Salle d'Entrebois
The Burning Spear 
Confusion is Next 
World Looks Red 
She's in a Bad Mood 
Shaking Hell 
Making the Nature Scene 
I Wanna Be Yr Dog
  • The first show of Sonic Youth's first European tour. Bob Bert rejoined the band for this tour and flew to Paris on his birthday, then to Switzerland for this gig. Knowing a little more about the history now, the band was staying in Switzerland with Catherine Bachmann and Nicolas Ceresole, so the gaps between this show and the later gigs in the tour make more sense. However, the caption on the photo indicates the venue is Centre de Loisir, while other sources claim La Dolce Vita -- I believe they played the Centre de Loisir in Geneva, so perhaps the caption mistakenly reflects that. As with all mysteries surrounding this show (keep reading), please write if you have any information...Update February 2010: Huge thanks to Olivier Caulet for providing the flyer below which confirms the venue as a third option altogether! He also confirmed that La Dolce Vita did not open until April 1985, which casts even more doubt on the 11/06/83 date.
  • There's been a lot of drama surrounding the correct set list for this show. The set list to the left was listed for a long time, but was later believed to be from 12/17/82 NYC. At this point, it still circulates as 06/11/83 and I'm skeptical of the NYC date being so close to the 12/15/92 Minneapolis show. This recording does have the 'devil may come, devil may not' bits in Shaking Hell that are also present on the 06/28/83 show, so I can believe it's from this era. The problem being that the Confusion is Next book says they played every song they know, amounting to everything from the first EP + Confusion is Sex, with an 20-minute encore of 'I Wanna Be Yr Dog'. I'm chalking this up to extreme hyperbole now, assuming the circulating tape is correct. As always, any information is helpful...


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