06/06/87 - Edinburgh, Scotland @ Carlton Road Studios

  • Stewart Martin writes: " I noticed there is on show missing from 1987 that I attended. It's all very fuzzy now, but this is what I remember of the date... A group of us done a weekly club in both Glasgow and London called Speed - Beautiful Noise from the 60's 70's & 80's. We were making a little bit of profit from it which was plowed back into the club, but at some point someone came up with the idea of promoting SY in Scotland, we wanted to do Glasgow but it was not to be so we ended up booking a place in Edinburgh. IIRC the show was to be on 06/06/87 (a Saturday night) at the Calton Road Studios and the deal was sealed with the influence of our good friend Douglas Hart. I think this show is likely regarded as off tour as it seemed to be done more of a personal favor to Doug than anything else. I think we either broke even or lost money, either way I ended up sleeping in Waverly Train Station with a few friends, not that we minded, it was a most excellent gig. I can't remember the set list but it definitely included most, if not all of Sister and a helping from EVOL, the support was fIREHOSE."



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