05/31/87 - Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso

Date: Sunday, May 31st, 1987 City: Amsterdam, Holland Venue: Paradiso

From Jrnls80s:

the final show for us the next day was in paradiso, amsterdam. rather than the giant room where there were already four bands to go on, we had a smaller room upstairs all to ourselves. we were able to do a nice long check and position the three TV's nicely on top of the pa speakers and one onstage which made for a nice three-dimensional synapse-snap view of the feedback-video scans, davo told me later. the show was the best yet and the room was jammed with all manner of folk including daniel miller and rob collins and the three Ut girls whom i hung with afterwards but while it was happening i was oblivious to all of them, really inside the sounds and the reflected glare if the vid-screens. for the second reading, while steve wailed beat-rain over me i was crouched in front of the screen onstage, trying to enter it, silhouetted in the electron glow. it felt really good and the crowd seemed really to like it.

  • A portion of this show is available as "Live Infinity #1" on Lee's "East Jesus".
  • fIREHOSE played in the big room.

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