05/29/87 - Den Haag, Holland @ ?

Date: Friday, May 29th, 1987 City: Den Haag, Holland Venue: ?

The infinity suitcase was retrieved in time for this show...more from Jrnls80s:

...we drove back to the club in den haag, planning to incorporate the live and the tape stuff. i'd been reading some new things i'd written the day before on carlos' 'typowriter' in between pacing and pondering that first night's show. the set opened with this beat box mix of thurston scratching a hendrix record along to a drum track which we had made at martin's during the "master-dik" remix a week or so before. i would read the piece about julie and the boat over top of that. that was working out pretty cool. a good, somewhat perplexing way to open the set. this nights' gig was marred by a feedback squeal during the live part which broke the momentum and generally fucked things up. plus the den haag crowd, notorious for being about as lively as tombstones, were no help. fIREHOSE were on the bill and they didn't fare much better with the crowd, although it was cool that we and they were both there, in holland, like, you know, together.

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