05/28/87 - Eindhoven, Netherlands @ De Effenaar

Date: Thursday, May 28th, 1987 City: Eindhoven, Netherlands Venue: De Effenaar

The first of Lee's "From Here to Infinity" shows, w/ Steve on board as well. The "infinity suitcase", which contained all of the tapes and mixers and writings Lee needed for the shows, never arrived at the airport in Holland, so here's a passage from Jrnls80s explaining how they dealt w. it:

we went to the club and worked something out, found a mixer, made some tapes and decided to play live a bit. i set up four amps and we had a drum kit. after mixing tapes for a short while we shifted into a playing mode, with steve going beat-wild on the drums and me setting all four amps to feeding back until a loud (natch) beating din was established which we then played off of for awhile. it actually turned out to be a very cool and new show, forcing the live playing into the act which i had wanted anyway.

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