05/27/00 - Paris, France @ Pompidou Center

Date: Saturday, May 27th, 2000 City: Paris, France Venue: Pompidou Center

Here's Marc's review of the show:

First part (1 hour):
David Grubbs and Noël Akchoté were playing some sort of folk music (David was
singing) except on two songs where Quentin Rollet joined them and played saxophone in a
free jazz style (this was the best two parts of this set) with some
electronic sounds in the background.

Second part (45-50 minutes):
Lee started to play with pedal effects and a jack plug in his hand.
Some of the sounds were echoed which was creating a beautiful atmosphere
with repeatedly rhythms like in electronic music (like Jim O’Rourke does
with his Mac).
Then he added guitar notes, spoken words, guitar, spoken, …
He also played with his white tape recorder (or whatever it was) and his
bow too like on Thursday evening with the band.
What he did was not simply noise with spoken words; it was more an
elaborated composition that reminded me some Branca stuff.
All the sounds he produced were echoed during like 5 minutes each so it
was growing and growing to finish in a beautiful and harmonic music.
So to resume, it was a great composition!

While Lee was playing, Leah was running two film projectors (both at the
same time and side by side) and she was projecting slides at different
speeds which was really good because for example while one projector was
stopped on a slide, the other one was running another slide at a high
speed. There were Magnolias (which was the beginning and the end of the
projection), Morocco, and some others like a moving telephone or a

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