05/19/86 - London, England @ BBC Studios

Date: Monday, May 19th, 1986
City: London, England
Venue: BBC Studios -- John Peel Session
Come and Smash Me Said the Boy with the Magic Penis 
Magic Wand 
Hallowed Be Thy Name 
Expressway to yr Skull 
  • Recorded by Wharton Tiers in NYC in 1985, given to Peel for this broadcast. I'm guessing it was recorded relatively soon after Steve joined the band, but I'm not positive (Thurston does make a comment about recording Expressway 'today' at the July 5th, 1985 show, but that's certainly not conclusive and could have been a joke).
  • Come and Smash Me and Magic Wand ended up on the "Nothing Short of Total War" compilation, as well as its offspring, "Devil's Jukebox".
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name ended up on the Lovedolls Superstar soundtrack.
  • Expressway to Yr Skull appeared on a bootleg 7" entitled "Stick Me Donna, Majick Momma".
  • Book on BBC radio sessions gives Magic Wand's title as "Moonbeam Magic in a Glass Headcage"./


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