05/08/81 - NYC, NY @ Club 57

Date: Friday, May 8th, 1981
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: Club 57
details unknown...
  • This gig was supposedly a warm-up for the Noisefest event, and was likely the same line-up. There are 2 poster variations, one with the band name as "FUCKING-YOUTH" and the other w/ "SONIC-YOUTH" as seen on the cover of "Confusion is Sex". The poster was adapted from an earlier Arcadians poster. Although the line-up for the Arcadians, Red Milk, and Male Bonding included Thurston, Kim, and Ann (with Dave Keay on drums), this was the first gig after Thurston had decided on the name Sonic Youth. Dave Keay was not continuing with the band, and Ann was soon to leave, so while the band may have taught Richard Edson some existing Arcadians tunes for his first few shows, the first true Sonic Youth material was created once Lee entered the picture.


  • unknown...


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