04/25/87 - Oberlin, OH @ Hales Gym

Date: Saturday, April 25th, 1987
City: Oberlin, Ohio, USA
Venue: Hales Gym
Catholic Block 
Tuff Gnarl 
Stereo Sanctity 
Cotton Crown 
White Kross
Beauty Lies in the Eye 
Hotwire my Heart 

[white kross cut on tape]
  • Here's a passage from Jrnls80s on this show:

    we played Oberlin, in the Hales gym right on rt. 10 there. it's a nice open hanger space. we had a ten foot green buddha on stage that some of the art students had made for the new gazebo (a travesty of one, actually) across the street. i saw the bldgs, we did an interview at the radio station and saw only a little bit of the place, there wasn't time for more. we had to drive all night on about two hrs sleep, to get there from the nyc gig the night before. we really sucked, everything went wrong from the word go; it was abysmal. i guess we still held a certain amount of focus just trying herculean to combat the ghosts in the machine. we got through, it was so poor, standing there high on an elevated stage with all the house lights on for our set because the pretty colored lights were fucking w our equipment through the electronic matrix. it was like being naked. i fear we didn't fulfill the hopes of the eager oberlin fans who had worked so hard to bring us there. people still seemed to like it, but it wasn't good.


    L: "Maybe we should turn the lights off? Put on the house lights."
    T: "Hey uh! Hey light, light base -- turn off all these lights overhead here. Just turn off the racks totally. Turn em all the way off, like the power--off. Yeah. Okay, now turn on, like, fucking stadium lights or whatever it is. "
    K: "There's uh.. there's a grounding problem with the lights."
    T: "Yeah! Alright. It's like the Bowie, it's like David Bowie's 'Station to Station' tour. We're gonna play a bunch of new songs that we just wrote, like, in the last month. So.. you won't know any of em. I don't think it matters too much. This song is called 'I Got a Catholic Block'."
    - Catholic Block
    L: "Vocals and the guitar have to be louder!"
    T: "Yeah please turn uh, the fucking vocals down."
    L: "Down?!"
    T: "Yeah man, it's like blowing my fucking head off."
    L: "I can't hear you!"
    K: "I need vocals, his vocals in my monitor, and his guitar too."
    L: "Put the guitars everywhere in the monitors please."
    T: "It's one of those, one of those gigs! [long pause] This song is a new *laughs*"
    L: "Talk, talk!"
    T: "Hey! Hey! See I'm really fuckin loud! I can't bear to listen to it. I know I'm not alone. Just turn the vocal down here lower lower lower lower lower lower lower lower yeah that's cool!"
    L: "Let me hear your guitar! I need his guitar in my monitor, I don't have any of it!!"
    T: "It's my new sound! Terry, I'm turning the amp way down cuz I can't.. it's.. yeah!" [indecipherable monitor-related stage chatter] "It sounds great, it sounds great! This song is called 'Tuff Gnarl'."
    - Tuff Gnarl
    K: "I still need, um, his guitar in my monitor, really loud!"
    L: "You ready? You want my Roland?"
    T: "Um... are you using it?"
    L: "[???]"
    T: "Fuck it! Go!"
    - Pipeline
    K: "Um, there's nothing in the drummer's monitor right now. He doesn't have anything. I don't think any of the monitors are working."
    - PCH
    T: "This song is about people who spend all their money upgrading their stereo systems to satisfy their schizophrenic pleasures. It's called 'Stereo Sanctity'."
    - Stereo Sanctity
    - Cotton Crown
    T: "Go for it.. Start!"
    - Schizophrenia [recording cuts from kim's verse to 'beauty lies', already in progress]
    - Beauty Lies in the Eye
    T: "This song was written by a guy called Johnny Strike in San Francisco in 1975. He used to play guitar in a band called Crime and um.. this song is called 'Hotwire My Heart'."
    - Hotwire My Heart
    T: "Alright, bye."


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