04/23/87 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells

Date: Thursday, April 23rd, 1987
City: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
Venue: Maxwells
Catholic Block
Tuff Gnarl
Pipeline/Kill Time
Stereo Sanctity
Cotton Crown
White Kross
Beauty Lies in the Eye
Hotwire My Heart
  • This is the premiere of the 'Sister' material, and it's a pretty interesting listen. The crowd catches on early that they'll be playing exclusively new material, and taunts the band openly throughout the show (More sarcastic "Play something new!"s than sincere "Play something olds!"s). Guitars go out of tune, there are false starts, it borderlines on disastrous in areas but is still a fun listen. The next night is much, much better.


    L: "Wait!"
    T: "This first song is a new song called 'I Got A Catholic Block'."
    L: "Wait lemme hear how loud you are! ... You ready?"
    - Catholic Block
    T: "[making weird aaaaoooowwwwooo noise, possibly coinciding with loud speaker hum]."
    L: "It's the monitors!"
    T: "Is that us?"
    L: "It's the monitors!"
    T: "Is that us? It's the monitors! ... Thanks. This song is another new one, and it's called 'Tuff Gnarl'!"
    L: "Are you ready?"
    T: "Yeah!" [starts the riff, way outta tune] "Wait! Guitar fucks..." [tries again, still out] [thurston keeps tuning] [crowd is getting vocally anxious] "This song is a new one, it's called 'Tuff Gnarl'!" [band starts song, sounds horrible, stops, loud hum returns] "Turn it off! What's going on?? What's with these fuckin' microphones? Aa-ow-aa-ow-aa-ow...Just, it's not loud! Did something happen? This guy's facing the audience..."
    - Tuff Gnarl
    [tv starts playing david letterman]
    L: "This is a new one called 'Pipeline'."
    T: "This is a new song called 'Pipeline'."
    L: "I already said that! Go!"
    - Pipeline [letterman keeps talking over 'kill/time' outro]
    T: "What are we playing?"
    L: "PCH!"
    T: "No, which TV station? [?? tuning?]"
    L: "[??]"
    T: "Ready? This is a new song, it's called, um..."
    L: "PCH!"
    T: "PC..yeah, whatever. You ready?"
    - PCH
    T: "What's next? ... You ready, fuck? Cougar? Cougar?"
    S: "Yeah!"
    L: "Coug!"
    T: "This song's called 'Stereo Sanctity'."
    - Stereo Sanctity
    - Cotton Crown
    T: "This next song is a new song called 'Sister'. No, it's actually called 'Schizophrenia'. It's about people who spend all their money on stereo systems to satisfy their schizophrenic pleasures. Drumbo!"
    S: "Is everybody in tune?"
    L: "Yeah, we're okay...[?]"
    T: "Yeah we're in tune. We're in fuck tune-"
    - Schizophrenia
    T: "1 2 3 4!"
    - White Kross
    T: "Alright, thank you. We're gonna play tomorrow night with Dinosaur." [encore break] "Lee and Kim, you can come up now..."
    [crowd shouts excessively: "INHUMAN!!" "EXPRESSWAY!!" "KILL YR IDOLS!!" "PLAY WHAT YOU WANNA PLAY!"]
    [thurston jams 'hinkley had a vision' by the crucifucks on bass, crowd approves]
    T: "Hinkley Had A Vision..." [chatter, can't hear?] "?? play with this light [the slide?].. Lee!"
    K: "Does this ?? work?"
    L: "No! It broke..."
    K: "Hello Hoboken.. [laughs] [crowd is heckling]"
    T: "Lee, Lee, Lee..."
    L: "Yeah?"
    T: "Let's play quiet."
    L: "Alright [??]" [tuning...]
    T: "Let's go, dude!"
    - Beauty Lies in the Eye
    K: "This next song is punk rock."
    L: "It's not our old one!"
    T: "Wait!"
    L: "What?"
    T: "I need the lyrics for this song!"
    L: "Oh fuck you!" [arguing]
    K: "This is an old song, it's called 'Hotwire My Heart'."
    [someone in crowd: "play something new!"]
    T: "Alright.. [sarcastic laugh]"
    L: "It's new for us!"
    T: "Yeah this song was written by a group called Crime, and um.. FUCK! Fuck it, I'll make em up!"
    - Hotwire My Heart
    T: "Alright, thanks."


  • Big Stick


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