04/04/91 - Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey-A-Go-Go


Tom Violence
Brother James
Dirty Boots
Catholic Block
Kool Thing
Expressway to yr Skull
I Love Her All the Time


Brother James
Kill Yr Idols
Eric's Trip
Cinderella's Big Score
White Cross
Dirty Boots
I Love Her All The Time
Kool Thing
Expressway to yr Skull
Burning Spear
Silver Rocket
  • These two shows (early and late) were organized because Neil had to reschedule his L.A. shows for 4/26 and 4/27/91 due to a sickness. SY had already booked a Japanese show for that date, but didn't want to let down the L.A. fans, and arranged these 2 shows.


    [noise/'we've only just begun' tape plays]
    T: "You ready? You ready?"
    L: "Yeah."
    T: "I'd like to send this song out to..AH!..I'd like to send this song out to Joe Cole, this is called Brother James."
    - Brother James
    - Kill Yr Idols
    L: "Alright, this is called 'Eric's Trip'."
    - Eric's Trip
    T: "Hey, who threw that Nip Drivers record up here? All four of you?...What do you wanna play?"
    - Cinderella's Big Score
    ['war pigs' tape]
    T: "White Kross!"
    - White Kross
    [tape plays]
    K: "Thanks. Does anyone need a band-aid?"
    L: "These guys up here are just waiting for you if you wanna try and get onstage so just keep it cool and nobody will get hurt."
    T: "Yeah tonight it's Frogman Henry baby! ... This song is for all the fuck-ups and losers. Professional and otherwise. Y'all right? It's called 'Dirty Boots'."
    - Dirty Boots
    T: "Hey all you radical stage divers, stop giving Kim a hard time, you're stepping all over her shit and fucking her up. Just look out, just be careful...be aware."
    - I Love Her All The Time
    - Kool Thing
    T: "I'd like to send this out to the teenage whore. ... That sounds good. It's all good. You're what? ... Ready? Whoa, this song is called 'Expressway'."
    - Expressway To Yr Skull
    T: "Thanks for coming to see us, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! [chuckles] Hope to do it again sometime... Fuckin guys shred...Fuckin' I...seeya in the pit, baby! [encore break] Thanks..."
    - [reggae tape starts]
    - Burning Spear
    T: "Aww yeah, it just goes on and on and on. It just goes on and on and on. All day and all the fuckin' night baby! On and on and on... there's no stop [has echo on his vocals] [in British accent] We'd like to end tonight's concert, ladies and gentlemen, with a song... [end accent] I wrote this song for David Markey. He lives on Poinsettia lane. Fucking fuck! Push me, pull me! Alright Sparky, check it out brother, this is called 'Silver Rocket'."
    - Silver Rocket [w/ alternate 2nd verse: "Dave Markey making out with ?? / Me n Izzy, you know that she's a sweetie / Got a date with a girl named Cher / Gonna go see Cats, I'll seeya there"]
    K: "Thanks."
    T: "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to say peace to John Carter, he died a few days ago, and he was a cool guy. And on that note I'll seeya [laughs] in my dreams...Goodbye, thanks for coming man, that was really, we had a lot of fun."


  • Superchunk (early)
  • Crawlspace (late)
  • Hole supposedly played as well...

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