03/20/85 - London, England @ Institute of Contemporary Art

Date: Wednesday, March 20th, 1985
City: London, England
Venue: Institute of Contemporary Art
Death Valley '69 
Brave Men Run 
I Love Her All The Time 
Ghost Bitch 
I'm Insane 
Brother James 
Kill Yr Idols 
The Burning Spear 
The World Looks Red 

  • A London showcase that found the band delivering a ferocious set. Per "Confusion is Next", the band decorated the stage with jack-o-lanterns and Kim fell off the stage while singing "Shaking Hell". The band played primarily Confusion and Bad Moon Rising material. Michael Stipe came backstage after the show, as he was in town recording 'Fables of the Reconstruction'.
  • Like many recollections, I'm skeptical when comparing them to the tape that circulates with this date. "Shaking Hell" is not on the tape, and while Thurston recalls the first song being "Burning Spear", he was apparently shivering with fear prior to the show, so his memory may not be trustworthy (and wouldn't opening with 'Halloween' be much more calming?). Thurston may have been thinking of the 04/28/85 London show, where they did open with Burning Spear. Given the pumpkin motif, it makes more sense that they would be leading with the Bad Moon material, too. For now, I'm listing this set list as is, and if you have any information on whether it's mislabeled, please let me know.
  • Supposedly footage of "Brother James" is included on the "Impact (auto-edit)" compilation video?
  • This video clears almost everything up! It is "Brother James" from this show, with the stage covered in jack-o-lanterns, and Kim does fall off the stage - it just wasn't "Shaking Hell".


  • Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey
  • Tools You Can Trust


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