02/05/93 - Sydney, Australia @ Selina's

Date: Friday, February 5th, 1993
City: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Selina's
Kool Thing
Sugar Kane
Theresa's Sound-World
Brother James
Tom Violence
Swimsuit Issue
Drunken Butterfly
I Love Her All The Time
Youth Against Fascism
Silver Rocket
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    - Shoot
    - 100%
    - Kool Thing [w. Death Valley tease in intro]
    T: "Thank you. Thanks a lot. Hey, uh, what should we do tomorrow? We have a day off tomorrow, Selina's. Your house? You live on the beach? Cuz I'm not really a beach person. Oh you--aw, dude. Kind of a land lover. But I like surfers. Uh, this song is for all you beautiful surfer boys and girls. This is called 'Sugar Kane'."
    - Sugar Kane > noise
    - Theresa's Sound-World
    T: "Thanks." [one guitarist briefly plays riff from Nirvana's "Sifting"] "Alright, this song is called 'Brother James'. 1 2 3 4!"
    - Brother James
    K: "Thanks."
    T: "Okay *chuckles* we haven't done that one in a while."
    L: "Okay this is 'Mote', 'The Eye-Mote'."
    - Mote
    T: "This song is called 'Tom Violence'."
    - Tom Violence
    T: "Thanks. Okay, what's up? Kim?"
    K: "This song is called 'Swimsuit Issue'."
    T: "This is for all the cops who like to dress up like women when they're alone."
    - Swimsuit Issue
    [tape of some rollicking piano playing -> 70s rock?]
    T: "'Drunken Butterfly.'"
    - Drunken Butterfly
    T: "You know, it's alright if you just come up here and just stand here with a drink in your hand and stare out at the audience. *laughs* I think that's way cooler than like stage diving on top of people's heads."
    - I Love Her All The Time
    T: "SSSSshhhhh.. Aaaaahhhh.. [noises into mic] Thank you, good night, see you next year."
    [encore break]
    T: "Thanks a lot, this is for JC."
    - JC
    T: "Thanks. Well you know, it's been real nice being here in Australia for the last few weeks. We live in New York and supposedly it's um, it's really cold there. You don't care? You don't know what it's like, it's like ten below zero. [crowd is shouting a lot] And also the whole country is being overrun by assholes who think homosexuals are the devil or some shit. This song is anti-them, this is called 'Youth Against Fascism'."
    - Youth Against Fascism
    T: "Are we really loud or is this club extra loud? *laughs* Fuck! This song is called 'Silver Rocket'."
    - Silver Rocket [w. alternate 'j mascis making out with edie - me n izzy you know that she's a sweetie - i got a date with a girl named cher - we're gonna go see cats, hope to see you there' 2nd verse]
    T: "Peace! We'll seeya next time, bye."


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