The first ever SYR4 tour (though SY have staged one SYR4 gig in the past, 4/1/99), including the live debuts of Treatise, Burdocks, and Six as well as the first performances of Clapping Music and Echelon. With some classic rock & roll thrown in fer good measure....! William Winant came along for the ride, and the band was joined by many other guests along the way.

Tour Length

10 shows

Number of Appearances in 10 Partial or Complete Set Lists:

100%				2
Bull in the Heather		2
Burdocks			6
Burning Spear			2
Clapping Music			7
Drunken Butterfly		2
Echelon				1	06/13/01 Amsterdam, NL
Four6				8
Free City Rhymes		2
Having Never...Percussion	7
Kool Thing			2
Lightnin			2
Mote				2
Nevermind			2
NYC Ghosts & Flowers		9
Piano Piece #13			4
Schizophrenia			2
She Is Not Alone	       10
Side2Side		       10
Six				7
Treatise			7
Voice Piece for Soprano		7
White Kross			2

Current Release: NYC Ghosts & Flowers

Songs from albums: NYC Ghosts & Flowers 5 SYR4 7 Experimental Jet Set 1 Dirty 2 Goo 2 Sister 2 Sonic Youth EP 2

Other Statistics

Unreleased at time: 2 "Clapping Music" - a Steve Reich piece performed solely by Steve and William Winant...clapping. "Echelon" - a Konrad Boehmer piece composed in 2001 for SY. Number of different songs played: 23 Non-LP songs performed: 0
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