Steve Albini
from Chicago, Illinois
December 3, 1998

One of the best records of the past decade Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation" is for my money not only the best SY album, but the best rock record or just record period in the past decade or so of good old rock n' roll, or 'alternative', if you must, since anything electrified passes as an alternative to good music nowadays. From the great and unforgettable "Teenage Riot" to "Trilogy" and the fantastic "Providence", this is an album that was ahead of it's time them, and stands the test of time now. The fantastic guitar structures and dynamics of the songs make for an absolute treat for the ears and mind. Too bad the following SY albums, with the exception of "Dirty" and "A Thousand Leaves" didn't match up to the brilliance on this, and their albums preceding this one.

If this record isn't part fo your collection, your collection isn't complete.