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Lamps - The Role Of The Dogcatcher In African-American Urban Folklore 7" (FDR-005)
This is a brand new 7" from a band called Lamps. They don't play live a lot but they all live in California. Monty and Co. are very nice people and all are tall men. These are 2 songs recorded for Fan Death Records for you. One song is called "The Role Of The Dogcatcher In African-American Urban Folklore" the other is a cover by the music group, The Kinks, called "Salvation Road". They have many other fine releases on In the Red, Dull Knife and more. It is a fine 7" indeed.


Pfisters - Narcicity LP/CD (FDR-010)
Debut release from this Baltimore, MD noise-rock power trio. Pfisters come out of the gate swinging on Narcicity, which features 11 blasts of trashy rock inspired by house whiskey and thrown barstools. Pfisters have made a name for themselves with explosive live shows up and down the East Coast, including a number of notorious appearances at the band's own Ruintown space. From the addled minds behind the New Flesh and Trash Camp.



Neon Blud -Whipps 7" (FDR-016)
Out March 30th
Evolving out of Slamantha and ZZ Suxx' Body Rot project, whose Tuff Muscles CS was a Fan Death favorite in 2009, Neon Blud add drummer Carson Cox to pound their NYC '78/Olympia '92 vibe into an unrelenting six-track debut of Tampa heat and Ybor City sleaze. Members of Cult Ritual, Slavescene, Merchandise. Vinyl issue of a self-released CS.


Twin Stumps - Seedbed LP/CD (FDR-020)
Out April 20th
If a band's surroundings influence their sound, one might assume that Ridgewood, New York, a neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn and Queens that Twin Stumps calls home, is a decaying urban wasteland seldom seen outside of dead industrial cities in Eastern Europe. Coming on the heels of last year's critically acclaimed self-titled 12" on Dais, universally considered one of the most grotesque, misanthropic, and extreme releases of 2009, a listen to Seedbed finds the band pulling you further into the grime and mire of THEIR world. The result is a truly unnerving mixture of suffocating feedback and distortion, blown-out drum sounds, loop abuse beyond recognition, and the manipulated, maniacal barks of wild-eyed singer Alessandro Keegan. Recorded and mastered by Ben Greenberg (Zs/Pygmy Shrews) at Python Patrol.

Puerto Rico Flowers - 2 - 7" (FDR-021)
Pre orders March 2nd. Street date Anzac Day 2010 (April 25th)
This is the new single by Puerto Rico Flowers entitled 2. It is entitled 2 because it features 2 songs. If there were 7 songs the record would be called 7. Surely by now you grasp the idea. Inspired by Canberran isolation and John Cale, 2 offers us 1 new orignal and 1 borrowed tune. Again performed solely and in the same fashion by John Sharkey III (CFC). This record was recorded by a New Zealander (FFC) in a house unfit for human inhabitants located in Yarraville, VIC. 2 Strays noticably from the forced darkness of todays boring youth and towards a more human element while all along cementing the fact that women are not the enemy,time is. Available for purchase Anzac Day 2010.

Hear some of these new jams at: http://soundcloud.com/fandeathrecord...-playlist-2010

ordering info at : http://www.fandeathrecords.com

for those that still use it: http://www.myspace.com/fandeathrecords

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