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Sonic Youth
Rating: 3 and a half out of five stars
Sonic Youth's stratospherically uncompromising and unconventional musical style is, at this point, so widely acknowledged that it would be redundant to say anything more than that it's a miracle the group has avoided being tagged with an arbitrary genre label like "post-rock" this long. Still, the last couple releases out of the Sonic Youth camp, 2006's Rather Ripped and Thurston Moore's 2007 solo disc Trees Outside the Academy, showed off a much larger swath of the band's searing but conventional rock underbelly than had ever before been revealed.
Despite receiving glowing receptions from critics, those albums could have easily raised panic among Sonic Youth faithful for their not-so-avant-garde directions. Well, for anyone who's still worried that the Youth have grown old and soft, their newest record should quell those fears - sort of.
Dormant since 2005, the SYR series, longtime outlet for Sonic Youth's most experimental pursuits, has been reinvigorated with the new SYR7. With two tracks stretching over 40 minutes, and only available on 12-inch vinyl, SYR7 is classic Sonic Youth at its unorthodox best.
The brooding A-side, "J'accuse Ted Hughes," a live cut, stirs with endless frenetic guitar strumming and ethereal free-verse vocals from Kim Gordon until arriving at its static-soaked conclusion. On the flip is "Agnès B Musique," an unused film score led by steady sweeps of vintage Sonic Youth guitar feedback that sounds more like violins.
But the rub here, for some, will be with the fact that both of these recordings are archival finds dating back to the early part of the decade, not new evidence of Sonic Youth returning to the boundaries of the proverbial envelope.
Though it may not foreshadow the band's next move, SYR7 still unearths two great tracks for much-deserved exposure. It might appeal mostly to the purist's pallet, but for the uninitiated willing to give it their ears, it should exhibit the elusive pull of experimental music.

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Originally Posted by nicfit
dunno, no further infos on that... but honestly, if you already paid fot the LP copy you shouldn't feel too guilty downloading a "pirate" mp3 version...which is not too hard to find, actually .
oh and welcome on here.

Where can I get a good quality copy of these mp3s...I've been looking and can't find em anywhere. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I have a mac, if that makes a difference to this...cause I can't seem to ever get torrents to work....
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