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whitechapel gallery

Fri 22 September, 7pm
Wired Women of Whitechapel

late night fridays - adventures in music



Feat. Piney Gir + Anat Ben David + London Review of Breakfast DJs plus short films and suprises. Expect more splashes of kaleidoscopic multimedia electronics from the electric paintbox of Chicks On Speed member and WW founder Anat as well as Piney's warm, fuzzy toytronic take on country.

A girl-centric surge of electricity - The Guardian

Organised by Wired Women of Whitechapel.

Click here for the full line up

5/4 concessions, Whitechapel Members and 2+ tickets in advance
Advanced bookings strongly recommended

It's been over a year since the meteoric Wired Women of Spitalfields Festival (itself the climax of the Spitz’s monthly Wired Women night) hit Old Spitalfields Market in spectacular style, consuming it in a cloud of bagpuss installations, live music, radical cheerleading and tombolas. Now the well loved night returns, this time at a new home at the Whitechapel.

Curated by Anat Ben David (Chicks on Speed) and Piney Gir, Wired Women was conceived to create a platform for women to do the unusual, to create a home for the bits that don't fit into the cookie cutter. It was also created to redress the balance made by the film Modulations‚ which purported to be a definitive history of electronic music but omitted the efforts of women.

2006 sees Wired Women evolve to include pioneering women not only working within electronics, but also in other art forms. There’ ll still be the obligatory girls wielding Moogs and Theremins but WW will also promote the work of artists creating exciting things within motion graphics, music video, experimental animation, live art and other forms of music.

Full line up
Piney and the Bluegrass Two
For her new album Hold Yer Horses Piney’s hung up her keytar in exchange for an accordion and put together a collection of rootin, tootin‚ country tunes. Yup, this is real country music, filled with heartbreaking tales of cheating boys, dusty road trips, and of course, D.I.V.O.R.C.E. ‘It’s old fashioned country music with a big city edge’ says Piney. ‘The songs are heartfelt and sincere and you can hear a sense of fun in them. And the ones that aren’t slow would fill the dance floor at your local honky tonk!

KTB (Katy Bennett) has been writing songs about elephants, vegetarianism and unrequited love since the age of 12. A previous finalist of the BBC Young Folk Awards, she released her debut All Calm In Dreamland‚ in 2002. Her second critically acclaimed album Bluebird‚ produced by her brother Joe from the band Goldrush is a beautiful, heart wrenching eleven and a half songs dealing with universal emotions of love, loss, despair, friendship and hope. It has been described as ‘Sophisticated mix of folk, jazz, pop and rustica with intelligent lyrics’ by The Independent and ‘Strikingly original’ by Uncut. Katy sings and plays guitar and piano in a country/jazz/folk/oddball pop style, her sparse arrangements are subtly augmented by guitars, bongos, cello, violin and the occasional bass and drum kit.

Synth Workshop
The Whitechapel space houses an interactive Synth Workshop kindly organised and facilitated by Sound Control.

Anat Ben David
Expect more splashes of kaleidoscopic multimedia electronics from the electric paintbox of Chicks On Speed member and WW founder Anat Ben David. Her performance will be a combination of music and video art with some songs taken from the forthcoming album plus new video material. Watch out for some onstage collaborations with Candace Close and DJ Jet.

Ninki V
One-woman-band Ninki V makes space age noises with theremin, keytar, Casio keyboards and toy instruments. She cites her influences to be supermarket shopping, bus journeys, charity shops, ebay, Casio presets, crazy effects pedals, aeroplanes, fairy lights and lava lamps. Sometimes she duets with a theremin playing skeleton marionette or shoots cap guns at the crowd.

Plus DJ sets by the LRB and Token Girl

Short Films

The Pixelettes
The Pixelettes are a loose collective of female music video directors and animators showing together here for the first. Alongside showcasing work by established artists, The Pixelettes are also providing a vital platform for the work of nascent talent. Work shown will include a mixture of new and existing pieces as well as some made especially for WWOW.

Carolina Melis (Nexus Productions)
Carolina recently directed the music video The Happy Sea, Colleen (Leaf,
UK). In the past year her films have been shown at national and international venues and festivals including the National Film Theatre, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Onedotzero. Carolina is also known internationally for her illustration work, which has been featured in
Design and fashion contexts as well as gallery spaces.

Kinga Burza (Partizan Films)
Whilst studying at university, Kinga made a spec music video for Will
Oldham, which caught the eye of Sydney musician Jack Ladder, for whom she started making promos. This attracted further work in Sydney for the likes
of Dappled Cities Fly and Red Riders, and in 2006 Kinga decided to move to
London. Since being in the UK, Kinga has shot videos for amongst others
M.Craft on 679 Recordings and Selfish C*nt.

Jasmin Jodry
Jasmin graduated this year from the RCA she has created installations and recently co-directed a music video for Audio Addiction. She is currentlyn working on an animated short film, Time Patrol. She has worked for some of the top post-houses and design companies in LA, New York and Europe and is now based in London.

Amy Engles
Amy worked in Japan for two years, whilst there she taught herself the software to make short films and animations using her home computer. Back in London she entered an MTV competition to make a music video for one of The knifes‚ tracks of their 2005 Deep Cuts album. She won that with her video to 'Rock Classics' and was commissioned to make a short film for the band to promote their album Silent Shout, featured in the July issue of Special Ten magazine. Since then she has made a video for prog rock band, Chrome Hoof and is entering the radar festival with her video for Coco Electrik.

Kate Rogers
Kate has worked in experimental moving image doing projections for live shows, sleeve design and music videos for a number of years. Her slant towards dance music is illustrated in the piece she will show, ŒHeavy Mellow‚ was commissioned as a music video for Chris Coco.

Maria Eilersen
Also known as a member of Revl9n, Maria‚s other outlets include video work for Swedish artist Frida Hyvonen (music video for 'The Modern'). Maria has also directed a short-documentary about Danish artist Per Kirkeby. She has studied film and has done short films and directed Revl9n's first video for
'Walking Machine'. Maria is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Aleksandra Domanovic
Alexandra is a new director and recently finished a video for Warp records,
'Jamie Lidell - 'New Me'. Her work concentrates on the everyday and gives it a unique edge with her considered execution.

This space will be given over to display paintings by Nerys Davies a portrait painter who amongst others has created paintings and drawings for the National Theatre and Mute Records.

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