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Do you think you’ll ever do a vinyl subscription series?
I thought I would never do another series after the first one ended. Then I thought I would never do another series after “Modern Containment” concluded. After the obvious conclusion of what came after those declarations, I know better than to say “never” now. It would be fun. We’ll see if it sorts out as time moves on…

What are some of your favorite recordings you have released?
That’s a really tough question – I feel so close and attached to everything I have ever released. It’s really hard to pick your favorite cat…

What do you have planned for the future?
Heh – too much! As of this moment we have about sixteen projects in the hopper that will come out over the tail end of 2007 or over the year of 2008 (and a couple of additional things above and beyond that which could come out as well). It’s a lot. In February we are planning to start shipments on our new CD subscription series, “Oscillation III.” I am really stoked over this series and the lineup continually blows me away – Bardo Pond, GHQ, Jack Rose, Lee Ranaldo, Magik Markers, Michael Flower Band, Tom Carter, the Bark Haze and Howlin’ Rain. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have some really killer vinyl in the pre-production stages right now. There is a stunning Bardo Pond studio record (not yet titled), which is a bit of a lost record. Over time there have been some really killer Bardo tunes that the band has nailed that, for some reason or another, never got slated for inclusion on any releases. This record assembles/rescues some of those tracks and puts them together into a what I think is an amazing record. People are really going to dig this one. We are also pumped to be involved with releasing an album by Gown called “For the Maples” featuring full studio backup from the Sunburned Hand of the Man gang. This stuff is wild. It’s like a super high-octane Jandek album but with more of a groove. It’s good stuff. The first quarter of 2008 should also see the release of a massive new Enos Slaughter double album. There is some other stuff that we can’t quite mention yet apart from saying expect to see some similar faces that we have worked with before up once again (albeit sometimes in slightly different forms). We are really excited about 2008.

Is there any artist, living or dying that you would really like work with?
Currently, I would absolutely love to do a project with the No Neck Blues Band or the Dead C. No questions asked. Previously? That’s a tough one. To have released Face to Face by the Kinks, Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, stuff like that – that would be beyond words. There is so much good stuff out there, both now and in the past, that this is just so tough.

Do you spend any time making music?
Not a bit! You can look at it one of two ways – either I 1) have no musical ability or 2) have never taken enough time to hone any sort of musical ability. Either way, I’m pretty non-musical as of this time. I keep hoping to change that at some time – it just has not happened yet.

What are some of the labels that have played an influential role on Three Lobed?
Well, as I mentioned before, Time-Lag’s constant high quality output played a large part in inspiring me to return to vinyl production. I wanted to make vinyl records that sounded/looked like the same sort of stuff that Nemo puts out.

What have you been listening to lately, anything new that particularly sparks your interest?
There is always a little bit of everything on around the house and office for me. As awesome as it would be if I could answer that the HQ plays nothing but Wham!'s "Last Christmas," it is a lot of predictable material - all things Bardo, anything touched by the skillful hands of James Toth, Steve Gunn or the Bishop brothers and so forth. As far as new stuff goes, with "new" being a relative term, Heavy Winged and Blues Control are a couple of acts getting a lot of play around here. Not that either of their names will come as news to anyone reading this, but they're both _really_ good. I am almost scared to mention any more here since I will certainly not be able to get into everything that fills the air here.

-- Cory Card (10 October, 2007)
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