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Chapel Hill. Ewww, shockingly bad lyrics from Thurston. The melody is a bit too sacharine sweet and even a gear up at the end can't really save what's probably the worst track on the album so far.
One person's "shockingly bad lyrics" are another person's "incredible, stirring lyrics - some of the best Thurston's ever written." I like how Thurston brought together SY's experience of playing in a redneck cop bar in Chapel Hill with the conflict between the fringe/radicals and the Bush administration. And I find it very touching that Bob Sheldon got a good tribute. (And I think musically it's also a great song.)

As for the rest of the album, I find most of it utterly fantastic, except for Nic Fit, which is so obnoxious I have to instantly hit the forward button on the CD player.

Wish Fulfillment is a catchy song and I don't mind hearing it, it's just that it's far too conventional for SY. It sounds like a song another band could write, and I prefer it when SY puts their own unique bit into songs.

And I'll agree with the love for Orange Rolls--it's one of the occasions when Kim has put her unique voice to excellent effect.
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