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"I have seen Sonic Youth in concert twice. Opening for Pearl Jam and opening for Wilco...they sucked both times. Absolutely terrible. They can't play their instruments and they can't write songs."

"Sonic Youth = noise."

"She was a total babe in the 90's. I know her ex, Thurston Moore, is a big fan of Nebraska"

"Never heard of kim Gordon or Sonic Youth."

Sonic Youth are a legendary band. I've seen them 4 times over the years including a February '91 gig at Eisenhower Hall at West Point Military Academy sharing an opening slot with Social Distortion for Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Ragged Glory tour (later immortalized as Weld) and in October '95 at The Roxy in Atlanta on the Washing Machine tour (my first Atlanta concert after moving there only two months earlier). Teenage Riot (from 1988's amazing Daydream Nation album) still sizzles and is easily one of my all-time favorite indie-rock tunes. Check them out.

"No clue who she is but I have heard of Sonic Youth. I googled them and was surprised to see what they looked like, I honestly thought they were an African-American boy band" my favourite one.

"By dissing Bruce at that gathering, Gordon knew she'd gain some free publicity for her flagging career--and apparently it's working. 8)"

"Now I know that Springsteen has been accused of mumbling as a singer and it is hard to decipher some of his lyrics, but there is no way he is as incoherent as that chick. And, oh-by-the-way, she could be a poster child for what drugs do to your body and how they prematurely age you. She looked pretty rough."

This is where some of the comments get nasty and stupid

"My rebuttal to Kim Gordon: "Kim Gordon sucks, and looks like a malformed barbie that needs plastic surgery"/"

"Someone put a bag over her head with eye/mouth holes cut out. No one needs to see that ugliness."

"Bruce is not indie enough for them."

"'m a fan of Sonic Youth;
Daydream Nation and Goo were played to death on my record player back in the day;
man, especially Goo, I frickin LOVED that record;
But, Unlike a previous poster, I don't think SY will ever get into the HOF.
I don't think they impacted the mainstream anywhere near enough to get consideration;
They've been hugely influential,
but so have Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, T Rex, The Jam, The Stone Roses, Wire etc etc and I doubt (unfortunately) that any of those bands will get in either."

"At her face looking like melted wax and meth

Bitch needs to check her face before she tries it with anyone"

Sorry but I don't take the opinions of an irrelevant meth addict seriously, if she were a man he'd be getting the same treatment just like I scalped Bon Jovi's 70 year old lesbian looking face the other week

"At Sonic Youth having 17 studio albums and NONE of them are certified anywhere in the world

None have ever wanted it"

Never heard this name until now. Some people dislike artists just because they're successful. Must have sold out along the way somewhere. Never dawned on them that working your ass off day after day for years on end does actually work out for some people."

TL;DR Bruce fans get angry. To be fair there were a fair few people defending her. These are just some of the comments. Bless.

Down with this sort of thing.
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